If you have misophonia and wish to connect with others with the condition, just drop a pin on the Misophonia Map! You can find locals, find a local support group, or find enough to create your own meetup or support group!

Only create a pin if you'd like to connect with others. Pins with no email or no other contact information will be deleted. Otherwise someone may see a name of who could be their only neighbor but would have no way of getting in touch them! Similarly, pins with too much information (such as exact addresses) will be shortened to protect the privacy of the individual. 

How to add a pin:
via desktop: click on the plus sign in the upper right of the map window. Enter your email address, your first name, then your city and state.

via smartphone: click on the box depicting rows on the upper left of the map. Select "add", then enter your first name, your email address in the description box, then your city and state.

If you choose to enter no name, your pin's name will just show up as "anonymous". That is fine.

If you find you'd like to edit or remove your pin, you can use the URL provided when you created your pin (if you saved it). You can also contact me via email to let me know what you'd like to change or if you'd like it deleted.

By entering your information you agree to have it shown on this website. I will never use any of this information for spam or any purpose other than to show viewers that you exist somewhere.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at misophoniamap@gmail.com

Thank you for contributing!,